A Long Awkward Road Ahead

Roadmap for the Awkward Ghost Club Project 1.0, Roadmap Phase Breakdown, and Team Dox

On the Road Again...

I cant wait to get out on the Road Again...

SING it with me SHREK

Launch Phase

-Official website launch
-Marketing and awareness
-Amplification via collaboration with verified influencers
-Grow Partnership

Mint Phase

-10,000 max supply
-Launch of secondary marketplace on OpenSea
-Competitions and giveaways for profile pictures (Instagram/Twitter)

Awkward Phase

-IRL Community events/games including project Ghost Tag
-Exclusive merchandise will be made available to all Ghosts.
- Building of metaverse avatars and ecosystem begins
-Awkward Ghost 2.0 Project Launch

Launch Phase

- The official launch of the Awkward Community discord server as well as set up of Patreon and Social Media pages. Our first step in spreading the awkwardness.

- White listing, partner building, promotions, and collaborations begin in order to build our network of Official Ghosts

- Marketing outreach begins to spread awareness through the NFT community using various services, advertisements, and influencers.

Mint Breakdown

- Official Pre-Sale Thin Minting for Awkward Ghosts becomes available for whitelist members. (TBD)

- Public Thin minting goes live for Awkward Ghost Club.

- Reveal and upload to secondary marketplace Opensea. (TBD)

- Things start to get a bit... Awkward.

Awkward Activated

- Work begins on my next project, "The Awkward Comics" which will center on Modern humor and internet culture themes.

- New Generations of Ghosts will be put out October 31st. This is an art project I enjoyed, and would like to build the character and options. Each year I will be releasing all new Ghosts, so stay tuned and start collecting!

- Development of personal art page and website features. I am working to build a portfolio, so all my projects are public facing for anyone to flow in the progress!

- All Mints and Projects going forward will be posted for FREE . I Love building designs and only looking to grow my name and exposure!