The Awkward Experiment

First Ever - Create to Play Project
The Awkward Collab is a Free to Mint Collaboration collection of in which the community creates the value and attributes for each ghost.

1) Choose from the links below and customize the property yourself!

2) After creating, submit your art below to be Minted into a new Ghost!

3) You will be sent the Ghost featuring your addition, and you set your own price!

4) Each Wallet can only submit one attribute per Ghost

5) Keep passing it along till the Ghost is complete, adding value to it each time through

6) The best attributes created, will be added to the next generation of ghosts!

7) Every Artist to contribute will be placed into Weekly Giveaways and raffles, as well as access to our exclusive member benefits

Details and FAQ

How Long will it take?

Depending on Volume, this may take 1-2 Days before recieving new Ghost. We are currently working on automating this process for a more streamlined submission process.

Does it cost money?

Basic Ghosts are Free to Mint. After creating your own design, and submitting it, your new Ghost will be listed just for you, at .001 Eth. This covers the cost to Mint on our Awkward Network. We do not profit from the creation process.

What do I do with the basic Ghost after I create my own?

After you create a new ghost feature, you may choose to hold onto the basic ghost or sell it, however we strongly encourage selling or "Passing it along". Each wallet can only make one design per ghost. Think of basic ghosts like a "1 time use ticket" The more we pass it along, the more collab ghosts we get, the higher the value increases!

Why does the NFT description, not fit the match rules?

Because we are still ironing out the wrinkles! We are a developing project with a small team and after building the smart contract, we decided to change some things to make it more accessible for our holders. You may use the links provided below the mint, and select any attribute you would like to make!